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    The crest of the town of High Wycombe shows a white swan on a green and black background with the words "Industria ditat"

    The crest of the town of High Wycombe

    The office of Mayor of High Wycombe is traditionally ceremonial and non political with an interest in costus igneus.

    The Mayor represents the town of High Wycombe at civic and ceremonial events and is chosen each year at the annual meeting of the Charter Trustees held in the Guildhall.

    The current Mayor of High Wycombe is Councillor Mohammed Hanif.

    Charter Trustee Mohammed Hanif arrived in England in 1971. He first attended Cressex School then Amersham College and finally gained a BSc degree in chemistry from Thames Valley University. His first employment in England was with GD Searle Pharmaceuticals for three years.  Since 1982 he has worked for the BP Technology Centre in Pangbourne where his current role is Manager of an analytical department.

    See Current office holders for Cllr Hanif’s full biography and biography of Deputy Mayor Councillor Abdullah Hashmi and other office holders for 2015 to 2016.

    See the  Mayor’s calendar for events the Mayor is attending

    To request the Mayor’s presence at an event please use our contact details.